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Is there one talent you wish that you had?

Posted by ミツコ (MITSUKO) on 09.2009 0 comments

Is there one talent you wish that you had?
How would you use it if you were given that talent for one week?

Reading books take time. Even if attractive books catch our attention,
we may not have enough time to enjoy reading them. If I could wish
to have any talent, it would be extrasensory perception (ESP). If I were
given ESP for one week, I would do wave speed-reading of all my
interesting books that have piled up and upload them to my brain.

First, one of the advantages of wave speed-reading using ESP is that
it is time saving. For example, if I were to touch a book and scan the
pages, I would be able to instantly download into my brain the entire
contents of the book.

Second, the amount of information I could process instantly would be
tremendously increased. Some experts say that the human brain only
operates at between three to ten percent of its capacity; but by using
ESP, I would be able to activate the other ninety percent of the hidden
brain capacity.

Third, the hidden brain reservoir would become my special bookshelf.
There would be no more worry about having enough space for keeping
books and references because I could upload any information to my
brain directly.

ESP is considered a form of perception beyond ordinary human senses
and I used to have nothing to do with it. Yet, nowadays, the advancement
in brain and consciousness research is noteworthy. A pioneer of new
thought, Wallace D. Wattles said: “The desire to do it is proof that
you have within you the power which you can do.” One day, I may be
able to access my own dormant faculties.



自分に与えられたら いいなあ~、

たとえば 何をするかな?

と思うことを 書いてみました☆

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