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The Planet of the Mumps (おたふくの星)

Posted by ミツコ (MITSUKO) on 14.2009 0 comments 0 trackback

The Planet of the Mumps

One day a Mumpsian came down
from the planet of the Mumps.
He moved to Lena's ear.
She almost reached her sixth birthday.

That night, Lena's ears started to swell,
they hurt so much,
they felt like someone was tearing them off.
Her cheeks also swelled up like a balloon,
and tears fell down from her eyes.

When the fever was going down
and Lena felt better,
Mom gave her a shower.

But Mom laughed a little,
for Lena's face looked like a pentagon
and it was a little cute.

Fifteenth nights had passed,
the Mumpsian moved to Mom's ear.

Her face got so swollen
like a pentagon too.
Her body was screaming
with pain and fever.

But Dad was so busy with his work
and got home late around midnight.

So Mom was not allowed to come down with the mumps.
She had to take care of Lena and her brother,
prepare meals, and give them baths.
She did all the work alone as usual,
as if nothing had happened.

But the Mumpsian came to Mom's ear
to tell her an important thing:

You don't need to do
everything all by yourself.

Reach out for help
whenever needed.

Try not to close your heart and ears beforehand
by your own false belief.

Try not to believe you cannot miss work
because of responsibilities.
Once you really make up your mind to do something,
it becomes possible,
because everything will turn out the way you REALLY want.

Try not to be a tragic hero,
who bears the burden alone.

Try not to be disappointed
if someone does not behave
the way you expect.

Just tell a person honestly,
right in front of you,
what you REALLY want,
because God also put him there for you
between heaven and earth.

Open your heart and ears.

Reach your hand out,
accept everyone's love, already here.

One night in Mom's dream,
the whisperings of the still small voice
of the Mumpsian echoed in her ears.





あるひ おたふくの星から
おたふく星人が おりてきて

もうすぐ 6さいの 
たんじょうびを むかえる
れなちゃんの みみに 

れなちゃんの みみは はれて 
ひきちぎれそうに いたみ
ほっぺも ふうせんのように はれあがり
なみだが こぼれた

ねつと いたみが ひいたときに
おかあさんは シャワーを

ごかっけいに なってしまった
れなちゃんのかおが すこしかわいいと
おかあさんは わらった

それから 15のばんを すぎると
おたふく星人は おかあさんの みみに
ひっこし した

おなじように おかあさんのかおは
ごかっけいに はれあがってしまい
おたふくかぜの ねつと いたみで 
からだが ひめいをあげた

でも おとうさんは 
しごとで いそがしく
あまり あてに できなかったので

おかあさんは ねこむ わけにもいかず
いつものように ごはんもつくり
れなちゃんと おとうとを おふろにいれ
かじも しごとも いくじも こなしていた

でも おたふく星人は
ほんとうは たいせつなことを
つたえようと やってきたのだ

なんでも かんでも
ぜんぶ じぶんで やろうとするのは

ひつようなときは いつでも
たすけを もとめて

じぶんだけの おもいこみで
こころと みみを
さきに とじてしまわないで

おもうのは じぶんの おもいこみ

いちど そうするんだって
ほんとは なんでも そうなる

ひとりで おもにを せおう 
ひげきの しゅじんこうやくに 

だれかが なにかを 
してくれない と
ひそかに がっかり 

ただ めのまえにいる ひとに
じぶんが こころから 
のぞむことを すなおに つたえて

だって 神さまが 
そのひとを 天と地のあいだに 

こころと みみを ひらいて

あたたかな こころを うけとって

あるばん ゆめのなかで
おたふく星人の ささやくこえが

おかあさんの みみに
やさしく こだました




やっと 完全に回復、 

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