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Someone Who Is Important to Me

Posted by ミツコ (MITSUKO) on 13.2009 0 comments

All children have a special place in their parents’ hearts.
My children, Lena and Ryota, are very precious and
have given me uncountable, meaningful experiences.

Today, I would like to share my story about my elder
daughter, Lena.

In my twenties, I had no plans to have children at all.
Even after I got married, I was too busy with myself,
pursuing my own career as a ballet dancer. However,
my life changed totally after my husband’s death.
When I came back to Japan and remarried, I realized
that I was entering into a different phase of life-learning,
and then, I chose to start a family.

However, it was not that simple: I underwent treatment
for infertility and had several miscarriages, but I never gave up.
On October 28, 2003; I could finally hold my long awaited baby,

Yet, my life was full of challenges: I had complications during
the delivery, and Lena was born with a serious health problem
of anal atresia, a birth defect in which the rectum is malformed.
She also had a heart disease, but recovered in a miraculous way
after an operation at three weeks of age.

Lena will reach the age of six soon, and has been doing so well
that it seems as if nothing had ever happened and her birth
had been like that of other ordinary children. She has given me
priceless gifts which I could have never experienced if I had not
chosen to become a parent.

I am very grateful that she has helped me to grow so much
as a human being.



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