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Let Me Hear (耳を澄ませば)

Posted by ミツコ (MITSUKO) on 01.2009 0 comments

I started to read a book about creative writing, titled
"Writing the Wave ― Inspired Rides for Aspiring Writers"
by Elizabeth Ayres.

I found this book the other day while surfing on the internet
and ordered it at an used bookstore in New York. The book
arrived recently. There were some writing exercises in the book.

This morning when I was reading this book after I meditated,
one of the little exercise brought me a huge amount
of inner expanding adventure, so I wrote a poem.


Let Me Hear

In the first rays of sunlight,
I closed my eyes and listened deeply.

I strained to catch any sound
and asked myself, “What can I hear?”

I wrote everything down.

The noise of the motorized home aquarium
for tropical fish, a refrigerator and computer mechanics.

What else?

This little exercise brought me
a huge amount of inner expanding adventure.

As I tuned to subtle sounds,
I felt like I was hearing the sound of distant air,
children’s voices on their way to school,
the breathing sounds of plants,
and the voice of the cherry trees in the park.

The mountain’s deep voice; which has stood there firmly
and watched over us since the dawn of time.

The murmur of a stream and the flow of a river
which embrace and purify everything.

Vital life force energy that animates all living things
flowing in the morning sunlight.

I could hear the heartbeat of Mother Earth
and breathtaking subtle tunes
beyond my five senses.

Let me hear because now I am ready
and I have an ear for internal music.

I open my inner ear to the world of spirit,
by which I can find all the answers
to the divine origin and nature of my own being.


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